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Danny Pickett

Mess with me or my people, and you'll face my gun!

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From Lostopedia:

First we see of Pickett is when he is urinating in the jungle; Michael sees him while heading north to search for Walt. Pickett asks him if he's Walt's father, and then it is revealed that he was part of a trap to capture Michael, as Tom is standing behind him ready to take his gun.

Later, he brings Kate out, after Alex refuses to do so, when the survivors meet Tom at the Line. He also collects a sample of Michael's blood after they got back to their camp. (Three Minutes)

At the Pala Ferry dock, Pickett witnessed the ex-change between the Others and Michael. When Sawyer started to call Tom in different names, Pickett kicked him in the stomach. (Live Together, Die Alone)

As revealed in The Glass Ballerina, his name is Danny. In Every Man for Himself, he is shown to be Colleen's husband. In the Others' camp, he is in charge of supervising the rock-clearing operation Kate and Sawyer are forced to be part of.

After capturing the sailboat, Tom returned with an injured Colleen, which was sent to the Hydra operation room. Danny watched how Jack and Juliet fought to save her life, but eventually failed. Full of rage, Pickett went to Sawyer's cage and attacked him. He demanded from Kate to confess she loves Sawyer. After she did so, Pickett stopped hitting Sawyer. (Every Man for Himself)

Sawyer's reprieve was short-lived as Pickett decided to kill Sawyer after Jack started surgery on Ben. However, before he could execute Sawyer, Jack gained the upper hand on the Others by wounding Ben during surgery. (I Do)

Disclaimer: Danny Pickett is a fictional character on the ABC television series LOST. He is played by Michael Bowen.

LOST was created by J. J. Abrams and is a sole property of ABC.

Danny Pickett appears here solely for the purpose of role playing and having fun. No profit is made off of his name, except for extending the enjoyment I feel for this great show.